Dr. Neal Handel

Dr. Handel, located in Beverly Hills, has been practicing plastic surgery for over 40 years. He recently was honored to became a Clinical Professor, Division of Plastic Surgery, UCLA School of Medicine. During his long, distinguished career Dr. Handel has received numerous academic accolades, carried out significant research in plastic surgery, authored over 60 articles for scholarly journals and written a dozen textbook chapters.

Dr. Handel recently co-edited a new textbook on revision breast surgery, specifically designed to teach plastic surgeons how to deal with difficult, challenging secondary breast cases. Dr. Handel is proud of his extensive clinical experience – and there simply is no substitute for experience. The wider a variety of patients a surgeon encounters and the more challenges he faces during his career, the better prepared he is to help new patients achieve their surgical goals. Our philosophy, in brief, is to adapt and apply all of Dr. Handel’s expertise and experience to every single patient we care for. Each patient’s specific desires and goals are carefully analyzed. Dr. Handel and his team will devise a custom-tailored treatment plan. We listen to patients and encourage them to be active participants in their care.