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This patient received a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) or fat grafting to the buttocks.


This 36 year old woman complained of atrophy and loss of roundness of her buttocks. She underwent a Brazilian butt lift and is shown eight months following the procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift (buttock enhancement surgery) – In the last five to ten years, there has been a radical change in the way that plastic surgeons approach the buttock area. For many years, this part of the body was relatively “neglected” by plastic surgeons. Products known as “gluteal implants” were available and consisted of silicone implants that were inserted into the buttock area to give firmness and a rounder shape. However, the gluteal implants were associated with a high incidence of complications including infections, wound breakdown and the need for removal of the implant. For that reason, most plastic surgeons did not perform buttock enlargement surgery; they simply wanted to avoid the potential complications. In the last decade or so, a technique originally developed in South America has been widely adopted by plastic surgeons. Dr. Handel has been successfully performing this operation known as the “Brazilian butt lift” for more than five years.

Basically, the Brazilian butt lift consists of fat transfer from areas where the patient has redundant unwanted fat (such as the abdomen, muffin tops, lateral thighs, inner thighs) to help to enlarge and “fill out” the gluteal area. By careful placement of the fat, we are able to achieve a very nice contour to the buttocks, achieving the roundness and fullness that patients desire. Because the operation is performed entirely with the patient’s own tissue (fat transplant), there is no need for a silicone implant or other foreign material. This greatly reduces the risk of complications. If the fat grafts take successfully (which they do in most cases), it should lead to a relatively “permanent” result. Dr. Handel will evaluate you and let you know whether you are a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift. This exciting and innovative new procedure has given many of our patients a “boost” in self confidence because they feel that the shape of the buttock is much more flattering in tight fitting clothing, swim wear and when they are unclothed.