Botox ® effectively improves the appearance of frown lines, worry lines, laugh lines, crows’ feet and other dynamic wrinkles.


about botox

Ancillary Procedures (Botox, fillers, skin peels and lasers) – Over the past several decades, a remarkable array of new products and procedures has been developed to help patients maintain a youthful facial appearance. These are procedures that are “noninvasive.” They do not require anesthesia or surgery but rather, are performed as outpatient office procedures, often taking just a few minutes. The results of these procedures can be dramatic and very long lasting.

One of the most popular modalities is Botox (Botulinum toxin). Botox is familiar to almost everyone, has been on the market for nearly 30 years and has been proven to be safe and effective in tens of millions of men and women. Botox is a medication that is injected directly into the muscles of the face that are responsible for causing facial rhytides (wrinkles). The medication is injected through a very tiny caliber needle so that the injections are not at all painful (numbing agents can be applied to further reduce any discomfort). By paralyzing the muscles, Botox results in the disappearance or softening of the wrinkles. It generally takes from three to five days for the medication to take its full effect. If the Botox is administered properly, it will eliminate wrinkles but will not totally take away a patient’s ability to make facial expressions.

Dr. Handel is very careful about the dose of Botox and the location where it is injected to make certain that patients can still raise their eyebrows (if they so desire) and manifest other normal facial expressions. The most effective areas for Botox are the transverse or horizontal creases of the forehead, the vertical glabellar lines and the crow’s feet wrinkles. Botox treatments typically last three or four months before they gradually wear off. They can be safely repeated after this, and it has been noted that in patients who “maintain” their Botox treatments (by coming in regularly three or four times a year), the amount of medication required tends to decrease over time. Botox is an extremely safe agent with almost no complications being reported in the many millions of patients who have received it.

Botox injections in Beverly Hills, by world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Neal Handel at the Beverly Hills Plaza Medical Spa.