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This 26 year old woman requested more prominent cheeks. She underwent cheek enhancement by placement of malar implants through intraoral incisions. Her postoperative result is shown eight months after the procedure.

Malar Cheek Implants – Enhance the appearance of the cheek bones through Malar Cheek Implant Surgery otherwise known as Fat Injection / Cheek Lift surgery, resulting in a more glamorous appearance.

Cheek Enhancement Surgery – Many patients request a more prominent and better defined cheek. High cheek bones have long been associated with facial beauty. There are a number of techniques available to enhance the appearance of the cheeks. Some of these procedures involve the implantation of silicone rubber prostheses (cheek implants). Cheek implants can be inserted either through an intra-oral incision (inside the mouth near the upper jaw) or through a well-hidden incision along the border of the lower eyelid.

There is a very wide variety of styles and shapes of cheek implants available and, of course, they come in a wide range of sizes. Dr. Handel will help you to select the best procedure and the cheek implant most likely to help you achieve the ideal appearance. Cheek implant surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis under anesthesia at the Plastic Surgery Center, in Beverly Hills, California. The recovery is fairly quick, most patients can return to work and other normal activities within a matter of a few days. Cheek implants are a predictable, reliable way of enhancing facial aesthetics and creating greater facial harmony.

As an alternative to the implantation of a silicone rubber prosthesis, fat grafting can also be used to enhance the appearance of the cheeks. When fat grafting or fat transfer is used for this purpose, fat is harvested (removed) from an area where there is unwanted fat (often the abdomen, thighs or hip roll area) and carefully injected into the cheek area to achieve the desired contour. The advantages of fat grafting compared to prosthetic devices such as cheek implants are that the procedure is being performed with the patient’s own “natural” tissues.

There is very little risk of infection and there is no worry about displacement or rotation of the implant since the cheek enhancement is created entirely from the patient’s own living tissues. Dr. Handel will be happy to discuss with you at length the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches available for cheek enhancement.