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This 26 year old woman complained that the labia minora were “hanging down” and were cosmetically disturbing, also creating chafing and irritation in the area. She underwent bilateral labioplasty and her result is seen six months after the procedure.


This 36 year old woman complained that her labia minora were hanging down and were excessively large. She underwent labial reduction surgery and is seen nine months following the procedure.


This 39 year old woman complained of hypertrophy or enlargement of both the right and left labia majora. She underwent bilateral labia majora reduction, and her postoperative result is seen at three months.

Labiaplasty – Vaginal Lip Reduction – In recent years, there has been a great deal of interest in surgical procedures designed to enhance and improve the appearance of the female genitalia. As a consequence of aging, childbirth and weight loss, women may experience lengthening and drooping of the labia minora (inner lips) of the vaginal area. While a number of techniques have been developed over the years to correct this problem, some of them leave unsatisfactory scarring and the risk of sensory changes of the labia. The procedure Dr. Handel uses for labia reduction incorporates modern plastic surgical techniques to effectively reduce the size and reshape the labia minora with minimal scarring and no risk of sensation changes of the labia. This surgical procedure can be performed either with local anesthesia in the office or under general anesthesia at a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Center. Some women experience loss of volume or “atrophy” of the labia majora as they age. Autologous fat grafting (fat transfer) is an effective and safe technique for restoring the normal fullness and youthful appearance of the labia majora. Fat grafting involves the harvesting of fat from one area of the body (usually the abdomen, hips or thighs) and carefully transferring or grafting this fat into the area where additional bulk or fullness is desired. Fat grafting is a relatively simple and viable way to restore a more attractive and youthful appearance of the genital area. Labiaplasty surgery is performed in Beverly Hills by world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Neal Handel. Call 310-203-0511