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This 26 year old woman requested a stronger and better defined chin. She underwent insertion of a silicone chin implant through an intraoral incision with improvement in her overall facial proportions. Her postoperative result is shown six months after the corrective surgery.


This 39 year old gentleman complained of a “weak chin.” He underwent submental lipectomy to remove the excessive fat under his neck in conjunction with insertion of a chin implant through an incision inside the mouth. His postoperative result is shown one year after surgery.


This 53 year old woman complained of an unattractive neck and poor jaw line. She underwent insertion of a silastic chin implant in conjunction with a mid face and neck lift, including submental lipectomy and platysma muscle tightening. Her result is seen one year after the corrective surgery.


This 56 year old woman complained of an underdeveloped chin and an excessively large nose. She underwent combined surgery consisting of a rhinoplasty to reduce the dorsal hump and shorten an excessively long nose. At the same time, she underwent insertion of a silicone chin implant through an intraoral incision. Her postoperative result is shown one year after surgery.

CHIN IMPLANT SURGERY – Reshape the chin to improve the harmony of the facial features, surgery is “custom tailored” to meet individual patient desires. Chin Implant Surgery – The chin is one of the important anatomic landmarks of the face. A strong chin profile typically is considered to be a very attractive physical feature. Many patients are bothered by a retruded or “underdeveloped” chin which detracts from the overall appearance and harmony of their facial features. Most patients who have concerns related to the appearance of their chin can be treated successfully with the use of modern “chin implants.” Chin implants are devices fabricated from silicone rubber. They typically can be inserted through either an intraoral (inside the mouth) incision or through a small incision on the undersurface of the chin. Chin implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so that the patient can achieve the profile they desire.

Dr. Handel has extensive experience with the insertion of chin implants and will help you to select the style and size of the device which will best suit your facial anatomy and help you to achieve the desired cosmetic appearance. This procedure is performed under anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Patients can return to work and most daily activities within just a few days after insertion of the chin implant. While there are risks associated with chin implant surgery (as with all surgical procedures), the overwhelming majority of patients tolerate this procedure well, have good results and do not experience any complications or side effects. Chin implant surgery is suitable both for men and women. Sometimes, chin implant surgery is performed in conjunction with other procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose job) or cervicofacial rhytidectomy (face-lift). Call Dr. Handel’s Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery clinic today! 310-203-0511