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Surgical Center

Dr. Neal Handel is a board certified plastic surgeon with more than 38 years of experience in the field. Dr. Handel’s state of the art plastic surgery center provides advanced and innovative surgical and non-surgical procedures for the breast, body and face. The practice is equipped with cutting edge surgical technologies to support the simplest to most complex case of surgery.

Dr. Handel and his dedicated team of professionals have performed thousands of successful cosmetic surgery procedures, and enjoy a strong reputation and trust among the patients. Patients have an advantage to receive treatments in a professionally managed, warm, and welcoming environment at Dr. Handel’s practice. The center receives patients from Beverly Hills, CA and surrounding communities.

Safety – A Top Priority

Dr. Handel performs many of the cosmetic surgery procedures at Sunset Hills Surgical Center, which is a freestanding ambulatory outpatient surgery center in Beverly Hills. The center is Institute of Medical Quality (IMQ) certified, which ensures top quality care. The IMQ program is officially recognized by the Medical Board of California.

One of the key safety features at Dr. Handel’s practice is his policy to work only with anesthesiologists who are board certified and licensed medical doctors. The practice works with anesthesiologists, even though it is legal in California for nurses to administer anesthesia.

Personalized Care

Dr. Handel has himself maintain uncompromising safety standards throughout his 38 years of career as a plastic surgeon. He ensures that every patient receives his personalized care and attention. The staff of trained nurses, technicians, medical assistants, and consultants at the practice is equally dedicated to providing the best standard of care in a professional and compassionate environment.

Right from the stage of initial consultation through pre-op evaluation, surgical procedure, and post-surgical recovery, the patient will receive committed support of a health care team that is trained to help patients to achieve their health and aesthetic goals. A holistic treatment approach ensures that the results for every patient as pleasing on the outside as they are on the inside.

Impeccable Reputation

Dr. Handel’s plastic surgery practice is well recognized among his peers and medical societies, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), both nationally and internationally. Dr. Handel is personally acknowledged as a leading expert in complex surgical breast cases and one of the pioneers in liposuction surgery in the US.

Dr. Handel’s surgery center receives hundreds of patients every year, which have been sent by other plastic surgeons, requesting Dr. Handel to correct something they are hesitant to touch. The success rate of surgery even in such complex cases at the center is nearly hundred percent.

PAL Technology

Dr. Handel’s surgical center is the only plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills that uses a Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) technology. The PAL machine is the only US-patented liposuction instrument that employs a reciprocating motion (rather than a rotating motion) to facilitate the movement of the cannula within the tissue. This technology is designed to make the procedure less invasive and more targeted.

Written by jseals

September 16, 2015


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