Dr. Neal Handel: Among Beverly Hills’ Best Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Neal Handel, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Neal Handel is one of the leading names in the field of reconstructive, plastic and cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. With advanced skills and training and an experience spanning nearly four decades, Dr. Handel is able to achieve outstanding results for his patients in every procedure related to the breast, body and face.

In the field of aesthetic surgery, experience of the surgeon counts more than anything else. As a highly experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Handel is able to visualize the optimal aesthetic appearance for a patient and produces healthy, sustainable, natural looking results that meet or exceed the patient’s expectations. He receives patients from Beverly Hills and world wide.

Academic and Training Accomplishments

Dr. Handel went to the prestigious Yale Medical School, and has been board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which is the original medical board with the highest standards. In addition to his commitment to his cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Handel also serves as an Associate Clinical Professor at UCLA Medical School’s Division of Plastic Surgery. He supervises and teaches young plastic surgeons completing their residencies.

Dr. Handel has written more than 60 articles in the area of breast augmentation, breast revision, and how to prevent complications, among other topics. His work has been published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. He recently completed writing and editing an advanced medical textbook, which teaches plastic surgeons special techniques for correction of complex breast problems.

Wide Recognition

Dr. Handel’s expertise is recognized both nationally and internationally. Leading medical societies such as the ASPS invite him to perform live surgery at their meetings year after year. They acknowledge him as a top expert in complex breast surgery cases.

Dr. Handel also receives hundreds of patients each year, who have been sent by other plastic surgeons, requesting Dr. Handel to address a condition they are reluctant to touch. Dr. Handel is able to resolve the condition of such patients almost invariably.

Breast Surgery and Liposuction

While Dr. Handel’s expertise in the area of breast surgery is widely acknowledged, he is also one of the most experienced liposuction surgeons in the country. As one of the pioneers in the field, he has been performing liposuction procedure ever since it was first introduced in the US about 35 years ago. Due to his experience, Dr. Handel is able to remove just the right amount of unwanted fat to maintain a balance between patient’s safety and their aesthetic goals.

Surgical Skill and Judgment

Dr. Handel’s decades of surgical experience places him in a strong position as far as surgical skill and clinical judgment is concerned. He has addressed the surgical needs of thousands of patients with a broad spectrum of needs, ranging from simple non-invasive office procedures to highly complex and advanced reconstructive surgical procedures.

Dr. Handel stays constantly updated with the latest developments and introduction of new surgical techniques and technologies in the field of plastic surgery. He introduces innovation and customization in every procedure to provide solutions that are uniquely designed to address the specific aesthetic and reconstructive needs of a patient.

For more information on Plastic Surgery procedures and Medical Spa treatments performed by Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Neal Handel please call 310-203-0511 or click here to contact us. Office located in Beverly Hills, CA.

Written by jseals

October 4, 2018


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