Stem Cell for Joint Pain

Stem Cell for Joint Pain

Stem cell therapy for joint pain is a revolutionary procedure that utilizes the body’s own cells to support the healing process of injured or degenerated joints. The best type of stem cells that can promote musculoskeletal healing of ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bone are found in the bone marrow. Dr. Neal Handel and his team provide advanced cosmetic surgery as well as cutting edge health therapies such as stem cell treatment.

For nearly 40 years, leading plastic surgeon Dr. Handel along with his experienced staff has been helping people resolve their aesthetic as well as health concerns with innovative and proven solutions. Dr. Handel receives patients from Beverly Hills, CA, and surrounding communities for cutting edge procedures such as stem cell therapy for joint pain.

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Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical injectable procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis. For people who are suffering from joint pains, the treatment can prove to be a viable alternative against surgery or even joint replacement.

Stem cell therapy will avoid the typical lengthy and painful period of rehabilitation that is usually involved in a surgery. Mobility, strength and range of motion can be restored in a safe and healthy manner with stem cell joint treatment.

How does it Work?

Advanced techniques are available today to withdraw the stem cells from the bone marrow, and process them in a lab. The concentrated cells are then re-injected with high precision into the targeted areas where the joint tissue is injured or degenerated. Ultrasound or fluoroscopy techniques may be used to achieve higher precision in the treatment.

As the stem cells are re-injected into the targeted area, they promote the natural repair process of injured and degenerated ligaments, tendons and arthritic joints. This enables the reversal of the natural breakdown process that had begun due to overuse, injury or aging. As an experienced plastic surgeon and health professional, Dr. Handel provides this treatment to patients in Beverly Hills, CA, and nearby locations.


The human body holds a natural supply of stem cells that are readily available to support the repair process of degenerated or injured tissues at any time. These stem cells stay in reserve in the marrow cavity of the bones. They may be harvested more easily from the iliac bone in the back of the hip area.

The procedure to obtain the stem cells can be performed in the surgeon’s office, using advanced imaging or ultrasound techniques for guidance. The patient will lay face down as the treatment expert numbs the bone and skin. A special needle will be inserted into the bone to withdraw marrow blood, which contains the stem cells.

This harvesting procedure is usually well tolerated by most patients, and can be performed smoothly by an expert. Once the marrow blood is drawn, it will be taken to the lab where it undergoes a centrifugal process to purify and concentrate the stem cells, while removing the other cells. These concentrated stem cells are then injected into the targeted area of the joint tissue to help heal the painful joints.


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September 17, 2018


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