Facelift Plastic Surgery Overview

Facelift Plastic Surgery Overview

The search for the fountain of youth is eternal. There is no mythical elixir that reverses aging. Science bestows the ability to discover or develop new technologies that can turn farfetched ideas into reality. Aging can be reversed at least superficially by a plastic surgery procedure popularly known as facelift.


The most effective proven way to remove skin dullness, sagging and other signs of aging is by a facelift. Medically known as Rhytidectomy the procedure involves lifting off the primary layer of the skin to tighten the tissue underneath followed rolling the skin layer back on evenly. For the procedure you are sedated either by administering general anesthesia intravenously or local anesthesia to freeze sensation around specific regions. The next step is the incision that starts at the temple and ends near the chin in front of the ear to enable lifting of the skin to tighten the underlying tissues. Either fat is removed or the extra skin. The skin is then reset and the incision is closed by sutures. The scars of the surgery aren’t prominent because the location of the incision is at the place where the skin would naturally fold. Another variant is the limited access facelift where the incision is made either over the upper-lip or into the lower eye lid. Smaller incisions that are closer to the ear are also made. The cosmetic procedure extends to the neck and the chin to remove loose and sagging skin. For such procedures the cut starts at the front of the lower ear lobe and extends to the base of the hair line. Time taken to complete one facelift is several hours. Although you can go home after the surgery many prefer to stay overnight at the medical care facility.


The results vary from person to person. For some the desired outcome is achieved by procedures that are done through non-invasive surgery like chemical peels. For some a brow lift or a neck lift might be sufficient. By having realistic expectations the end results will be more satisfactory.

The procedure is not suitable for those whose:

• Skin has lost its elasticity with minimized flexibility and suppleness.

• The bone structure of the face is not well defined and therefore doesn’t not offer the required support framework.

• A history of serious medical conditions that interfere with the process like a bleeding disorder.


Dr. Neal Handel explains that all surgeries have their own associated risks. The possible negative repercussions of a facelift are infection, uncontrolled hair loss, scarring, blood clots that might reach the lungs and heart (pulmonary embolism), allergic reaction to anesthesia, possible damage to the facial nerves that might translate to a spasm or face paralysis and bleeding below the skin.

The benefits of the procedure are exploited by men too. The procedure for both sexes is the same. Facelifts are beneficial for senior citizens who want to wipe off a certain number off their age.

Written by jseals

October 16, 2015


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