Facelift Plastic Surgery Cost

Facelift Plastic Surgery Cost

Cost is as important as the doctor’s credentials while considering facelift surgery. The key to looking youthful is cosmetic surgery procedures like a facelift which erases signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging skin etc. to enhance physical appearance. Premature aging is triggered by environmental factors, unhealthy lifestyle habits and poor diet. Who wants their skin looking dull like an 80 year old when they are in their mid 40’s? The science behind age reversal isn’t discovered yet but superficial age defying techniques are in demand.

Rhytidectomy or a face lift is performed by a plastic surgeon like Dr. Neal Handel, by tightening and lifting the underlying facial muscles to incorporate sharp contouring typical of youth, back into the face. Fat pockets are also removed. Facelift surgery is nothing short of magic, you walk in to the clinic looking older than you actually are and you walk out looking 20 years younger. The detailed artist contouring is achieved only by an exemplary artistic vision. A cosmetic surgeon’s job requires special trained skill sets which highly influences the end cost of the surgery. There is a saying that a thing of beauty lasts forever, so why not beautify the first noticed appearance: the face.

Cost Factors

Doctors cost

Doctor’s experience determines if the cost. More the number of satisfied patients greater the doctor’s fee. Cosmetic surgery handled by an exclusive plastic surgeon with face lift as their area of forte generally is priced higher than the surgery over seen by a regular surgeon who also takes on cases of plastic surgery. The location of the clinic also decides the cost. Consider a clinic in a big metropolitan city where the cost of running an establishment is pricy; to compensate money spent on the clinic’s sustenance, cost of the procedure is increased. Face lifts in smaller cities are more within a set budget. A recent statistics revealed the average surgeon’s cost is $7500.


Minimal invasive surgery with insignificant scaring using current surgery technology and equipment are priced higher. The end result is naturally younger looking skin with less recovery time. Extensive surgery like superficial masculoaponeurotic system (SAMS) and deep plane facelift cost more than minima invasive surgery like short scar facelift.

Surgery cost

The added cost of administering anesthesia, the anesthesiologist’s cost, the operating room charges, medication cost, hospital fees and other similar expenses are chargeable on the patient. Anesthesia fees amount to $1000-$1300 while the hospital fee is $500-$2000.

Insurance coverage

Few policies cover cosmetic surgery. Policy covered procedures cost less upfront than those which require full payment.

Combined procedures

If you opt for a face reconstructive surgery like rhinoplasty along with a face lift the total cost will be the sum of all the individual surgeries. It will work out cheaper if you get the surgeries at once than spacing them out and undergoing individual procedures.

Written by jseals

October 30, 2015


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